Victoria Falls

This page is mostly for thoughts on topics in Earth deformation, from a geological perspective, based on what me and my research group at Cardiff University (with some connections in Cape Town), get up to and think about. There is also a bit more to life than research, so the occasional trail race or other outdoor excursion story may also pop up here. My life seems to revolve around the outdoor world in various ways at the moment, understanding (or not) and immersing in it, so that’s what this blog is about too.

Academically, I think about how the Earth deforms, be that at plate boundaries or plate interiors, and particularly I am interested in where and why big earthquakes occur (or, maybe even more interesting, where they should but seem not to), and in the continuum of fault slip styles from aseismic creep to earthquake slip. In this continuum, the physics behind transient slow slip events is particularly intriguing.

My methods are generally somewhat (at least to some) old-fashioned but effective, and revolve around looking at rocks that have, in their long life, experienced (enjoyed?) a history of deformation. By attempting to read such a history, in the field, under a microscope, and sometimes with the help of some geochemical analyses, these rocks may tell a story that can be used to understand ancient deformation, and be applied to how active faults work.

To get in touch, for example to talk about potential graduate student or postdoc opportunities, feel free to contact me on FagerengA(at)cardiff.ac.uk.

Taking measurements in a small stream outcrop of the BIlila-Mtakataka fault, Malawi

Taking measurements in a small stream outcrop of the Bilila-Mtakataka fault, Malawi


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